Sunday, April 20, 2014

04/20/2014 Guanella Pass

10 miles, 1:28, 1,662'

Parked at the Georgetown Visitor Center just off of I-70 with Chris and ran through downtown to the start of the pass. The route starts with a couple steepish switchbacks, but has some more gradual sections on the way to the Georgetown Reservoir. You then go up a couple steep switchbacks on the way to Green Lake, before a more mellow piece to Clear Lake. I turned around at Clear Lake at just under 10,000', as I wasn't looking to do any more than 10 today. I plan on eventually taking it all the way up to the top of the pass once the road re-opens, which is closer to 11,000'.

I felt super steady on the climb, even though I had worked things pretty hard yesterday. It was nice to get up a bit higher and I didn't feel noticeably different with the extra altitude. Cruising down was a blast and all the downhill from yesterday was a distant memory. I can't wait to come back and push it a little more on the climb.

Saturday, April 19, 2014

04/19/2014 Long Run & Training Update

I was a little unsure how I would hold up today, considering I rammed my right knee cap on a root pretty hard last weekend back in NC...I was pretty frustrated considering it was a pancake flat section, but tripping on a root and superman diving does not end well if there is another root in the path of your knee cap. After the fall I pretty much took it easy, before running 4 miles prior to flying back to CO on Tuesday. I logged two solid 8-12 mile runs at Green Mountain with some good climbing on Wednesday and Thursday, then put in a couple miles yesterday. The knee cap felt fine throughout, with a very mild amount of soreness.

It was definitely a bit more sore today, but I can probably attribute that to the super steep descent on Morrison and the longer descent on Falcon. It all adds up. Structurally everything is fine and I wasn't compensating or anything, so I think it's just some residual bruising. I don't expect it to be an issue.

Today's long run was 25 miles with 6,023' of vert. I tend to do a variation of this route for my long runs. I have been steadily improving on the Morrison climb and I was happy to run the entire route up Mount Falcon. Fueling was good, but I could have used another bottle of water. It's starting to get warm, but I've always done well in the heat as long as I stay on top of my hydration.

Quad Rock is coming up pretty quick...just three weeks away and I'm starting to get pretty pumped! One more 20 miler next weekend, with a mid-week medium long run and some shorter/harder sessions then I'll taper things down. Starting to get back up to altitude has been on my mind as San Juan Solstice is about a month after Quad Rock..hoping to make it up tomorrow morning. 

Saturday, March 15, 2014

03/15/2014: Long Run

24 miles, 4:25, 5,588'

Parked at the Mathew Winters lot this morning and made my way towards the Red Rocks trail. It was a windy start, but wasn't all that cold. Except for high up on the peaks, the wind wasn't much of a factor. After coming down Red Rocks I took the road down and up to Mt. Falcon. The trail was mostly dry, except for a couple sections that were set up nicely for bobsledding. The deeper snow to the side made navigating the icy sections fairly easy. Effort was nice and steady to the top. I then partly retraced my steps to head up the south face of Mt. Morrison. The trail is super steep to start, so I was pow hiking pretty hard. I ran about as much as I could before coming to the final steep section, which ends up being more of a scramble in parts. This is a good way to practice steep hiking on tired legs. I'm trying to keep those muscles developed, as I will need them come this summer.

I then took the ridge over and down the other side. There were some deep, crusty sections of snow still lingering. The ridge is mostly rock hopping before becoming a steep meadow to reconnect with the Red Rocks trail. I took the trail back to the car at Mathew Winters, before doing a final out and back over the hogback to reach 24 miles. I felt pretty good on the last two shorts climbs up and over the hogback, maintaining a decent running cadence.

Managed to rack up some decent vert, mix in some steep hiking, and be on my feet for a couple hours. A great day all around.

Saturday, March 8, 2014

3-8-14: Mount Falcon Laps

After yesterday's snow I knew that the trail would be fairly untouched early this morning.  I broke trail almost the entire first lap and my established tracks only slightly ameliorated the suffering on the second lap. It was a warm morning with the sun out, so things began to melt quickly. By the time I headed back down for the final miles to the car the trail was a slushy/muddy mess in parts. My main goal for today was to run the entire route. Although I was shuffling at times, I managed to never break into a hike. It was a good  grind for sure with consistent energy.

20 miles, 4,500', 4:14


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