Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Run Rabbit Run and Catching Up

No matter how good you feel leading up to or during a race...something can always pop up when you least expect it. After running a seemingly effortless 30 miles at RRR my left Achilles flared up, enough for me to make the decision to drop. It's always tough, but the potential to really injure myself and be away from something that gives me so much on a daily basis made the decision an easy one. I called it a day at mile 42 after having to walk the previous 5 miles.

I've had Achilles injuries in the past and don't plan on going down that road again.

I've been back running without any issues and have been biking quite a bit as well. It's good to shift gears and focus on intensity for the next couple months. I've signed up for a couple half marathons and 10ks.  Hoping to keep up with the structured work while gearing up for the long stuff next be determined, but I really did love the vibe up in Steamboat..might have to get another under my belt in Bryce Canyon before then.

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Huron and Leadville Pacing Bust

Chris and I headed up to Leadville Friday afternoon to camp, hike, and pace our friend Elaine at the LT100. We briefly stopped to see Elaine in Leadville prior to finding a camping spot close to Winfield. She was in good spirits, but feeling the altitude since her arrival from New Jersey. This would be her 3rd 100 miler of the grandslam, after finishing western states and Vermont. We were pumped for her and I was especially excited to be pacing from Winfield back over hope pass to Mile 76 at the fish hatchery.

After finding a nice campsite about a mile out from winfield, we built a fire and chilled out with a beer. Weather was perfect.

Didn't rush to get up Saturday, but packed up and arrived to Winfield just after 8. Decided to do Huron and got to the TH around 8:30. Casual hike up and down by 12:30. Fired up the jetboil to cook some pasta for lunch and began the waiting game. I think we must have just missed Rob Krar come through close to noon. 

After waiting for a couple hours we found out that she had dropped at Twin Lakes after missing the cutoff at hopeless. We were bummed for her and were hoping to help her gut it out. It's hard not to get the itch when you are around such a wonderful community. 

Saturday, July 26, 2014

7/26/14 G&T Standard

Did G&T this morning. Set off at 5:30 and the Winter lot was already getting pretty full. I knew it would be a complete zoo. Lots of cars kicking dust as I ran up the road to the TH. There was a wash out of sorts on the way up and cars were backing up down the road. This was hands down the most people I have ever seen here. I thought about veering over to Kelso ridge, but wanted to get some hard hiking up Grays. Sure enough I saw a guy on grays that had Kelso to himself. Passing people on the way up wasn't too bad, but coming back down was annoying. Managed to still keep a decent pace as I dodged people, but probably left a little time out there because of it. Back to the car in 3:30. I'm not planning on doing the standard on the weekend anytime soon. It's gonna have to be the full Kelso. Either way a good 14 miles and some goats. Looking to go long tomorrow.

Sunday, July 20, 2014

James Peak and Some Exploring

Tagged James Peak this morning and an unnamed 13er on the way to Mt. Bancroft. Easy and casual effort. Up and down James. Could have tried the ridge that shoots across to Bancroft, but headed back down to get a bit more vert in the legs. Dropped down to the lake below and found a trail to follow for a bit. After it disappeared it was off trail to the unnamed peak closest to James. I kept hearing birds chirp, so knew it was a matter of time before a pissed off moma launched at me. Sure enough I came up on a mother and chick. She launched at me, but I quickly ran the other way tumbling a rock onto my leg. The route up was a lot of choss and some traversing.... And a lot of chirping. Kept it pretty casual on the way up. Headed towards Bancroft after the top, but called it shortly thereafter due to time. Definitely a good looking line here. Glissaded down the more direct chutes on the way down of the unnamed peak, which was a blast. I could have saved a bunch of time going up this way. St. Mary's glacier was once again a shit show once I made it down by the car. I did for the most part have the mountains to myself today though.


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