Saturday, March 15, 2014

03/15/2014: Long Run

24 miles, 4:25, 5,588'

Parked at the Mathew Winters lot this morning and made my way towards the Red Rocks trail. It was a windy start, but wasn't all that cold. Except for high up on the peaks, the wind wasn't much of a factor. After coming down Red Rocks I took the road down and up to Mt. Falcon. The trail was mostly dry, except for a couple sections that were set up nicely for bobsledding. The deeper snow to the side made navigating the icy sections fairly easy. Effort was nice and steady to the top. I then partly retraced my steps to head up the south face of Mt. Morrison. The trail is super steep to start, so I was pow hiking pretty hard. I ran about as much as I could before coming to the final steep section, which ends up being more of a scramble in parts. This is a good way to practice steep hiking on tired legs. I'm trying to keep those muscles developed, as I will need them come this summer.

I then took the ridge over and down the other side. There were some deep, crusty sections of snow still lingering. The ridge is mostly rock hopping before becoming a steep meadow to reconnect with the Red Rocks trail. I took the trail back to the car at Mathew Winters, before doing a final out and back over the hogback to reach 24 miles. I felt pretty good on the last two shorts climbs up and over the hogback, maintaining a decent running cadence.

Managed to rack up some decent vert, mix in some steep hiking, and be on my feet for a couple hours. A great day all around.

Saturday, March 8, 2014

3-8-14: Mount Falcon Laps

After yesterday's snow I knew that the trail would be fairly untouched early this morning.  I broke trail almost the entire first lap and my established tracks only slightly ameliorated the suffering on the second lap. It was a warm morning with the sun out, so things began to melt quickly. By the time I headed back down for the final miles to the car the trail was a slushy/muddy mess in parts. My main goal for today was to run the entire route. Although I was shuffling at times, I managed to never break into a hike. It was a good  grind for sure with consistent energy.

20 miles, 4,500', 4:14

Sunday, March 2, 2014

3/2/14: North Table Laps

15.2 miles, 2,305', 8:49/mi

Didn't know what to expect for today's run, but the legs felt surprisingly good given the long run yesterday. I took the first lap pretty easy and went harder on the second one. A good 6-7 minutes faster on the second lap. Pretty chilly morning, but calm and quiet. Trail conditions were soft and cushy. A great way to top off 65 miles for the week.

Saturday, March 1, 2014

3/1/14: Long Run

20 miles, 3,648', 3:13

Route was basically the same as last Saturday, but just tacked on an out and back at Red Rocks. It was snowing and blowing pretty hard up on Green Mtn to start, but I felt pretty good on the first climb considering. My water flasks in the UD AK vest began to freeze within the first couple miles and I realized I left my handheld at home. Once I reached the halfway point, I decided to commit to taking in no calories for the entire run. I actually got to the point where I was tired of dealing with having to stop to unscrew a flask for water, so just said screw it from mile 10 home. Considering how depleted I was, I never really felt too bad and even felt decent on the last climb from miles 15-18. As always, the weather seemed to be at it's worst on Green Mountain. I was treated to some nice sideways sleet/snow on the way back down. It was all in good fun though and it's nice to know the aerobic system is in a good place.


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