Sunday, July 20, 2014

James Peak and Some Exploring

Tagged James Peak this morning and an unnamed 13er on the way to Mt. Bancroft. Easy and casual effort. Up and down James. Could have tried the ridge that shoots across to Bancroft, but headed back down to get a bit more vert in the legs. Dropped down to the lake below and found a trail to follow for a bit. After it disappeared it was off trail to the unnamed peak closest to James. I kept hearing birds chirp, so knew it was a matter of time before a pissed off moma launched at me. Sure enough I came up on a mother and chick. She launched at me, but I quickly ran the other way tumbling a rock onto my leg. The route up was a lot of choss and some traversing.... And a lot of chirping. Kept it pretty casual on the way up. Headed towards Bancroft after the top, but called it shortly thereafter due to time. Definitely a good looking line here. Glissaded down the more direct chutes on the way down of the unnamed peak, which was a blast. I could have saved a bunch of time going up this way. St. Mary's glacier was once again a shit show once I made it down by the car. I did for the most part have the mountains to myself today though.

Saturday, July 19, 2014

7-19-2014 2X Falcon + Morrison

Out the door early this morning. Stashed a jug of water at Mt. Falcon then parked by the Morrison TH. The first lap on Falcon was a bit sluggish, but the second was much better. Some nice cruisin' down Falcon as usual. Felt solid on the initial steep part of the Morrison climb, but it definitely got hotter as I approached the top. There was some weird dance music coming from Red Rocks with cheering from time to time. Time to head back to the high country tomorrow to escape the heat. It's easy to get spoiled above tree line. About 6,000' of vert for the morning. I think the days up high are paying off. It appears Sage is running away with Speedgoat.

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Weekend of 7/13

Headed up to Missouri Gulch early Saturday hoping to do Missouri, Belford, and Oxford. Campsites were full Leading up to the Missouri Gulch TH, but we snagged a nice one about a mile towards Winfield right by the stream. After claiming our spot I threw on the pack, filled the bottles, crammed in some gels, and set off to take the standard up Missouri. I went right at the first stream crossing and thought it was probably the wrong way. Stuck to the route though and went off trail, regaining the trail just after the Belford/Missouri junction. Made decent work heading up Missouri and really enjoyed the ridge to the summit. Stopped on the way down to refill in a stream and ran into Peter. He had made a nice linkup and was headed back down. Fun time catching up for a few before I hooked right to hit Belford before the storms began. Belford offered a consistent pow hike the entire way up, less a few sections of shuffling. Reached the summit and a group of high-schoolers had walked all the way up with watermelons. They offered me a piece and I devoured it. Really cool to see such a pumped up group of people. It started to rain just as I reached the top, so I knew Oxford was out of the question. Took the long downhill hard back to the campsite and added on a couple miles toward Winfield and back to cap things off. About 7,375' of vert and 18 miles for the day.

Woke up Sunday, having not slept terribly well, and knocked out 10 on the dirt road towards the Huron TH and back towards Missouri Gulch TH. Took a bit to get going. The run towards Winfield is a slight uphill grade that rocks you more than it should, especially on tired legs. Opened it up on the return and was happy to grind this one out. Another great weekend and things will continue to get fun with Run Rabbit Run around the corner. 

Sunday, June 29, 2014

St. Mary's Glacier and James Peak

Mellow hike this morning. Went straight as the trail veers right towards the lake. This offered some steep off trail and a more direct route. Once facing James peak I once again avoided the standard south facing route and went straight up the more southwest facing side. Some good scrambling and I had the side of the mountain to my self. Tagged the top and took the standard back down. There is still a nice snowfield towards the bottom, which made for a super fun glissade back to the lake. I can see some nice long runs up here, linking up some neighboring peaks. Convenient to the house as well.


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